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Joule Finance serves as a liquidity hub on the Aptos platform, providing a range of innovative DeFi features such as the LRT bridge, money market, and liquidity anchors. Here's an overview of what Joule Finance provides:

  1. Bridging with LayerZero: Utilizing LayerZero's technology, Joule Finance introduces a 1:1 bridging service, facilitating the smooth transfer of LRT tokens between Ethereum and Aptos networks. This service includes a user-friendly bridge interface for token selection, amount specification, receiver address connection, and real-time transaction updates. Supported tokens include various forms of ETH from platforms like Puffer Finance, Swell, and Renzo, each available in isolated asset forms for bridging.

  2. Money Market: Joule Finance's Money Market offers isolated lending positions, this feature ensures that each borrowing and lending activity is independent, reducing the risk of widespread liquidation due to collateral de-pegging. Supported tokens span a range of native tokens and LRTs, including APT, USDC, USDT, WETH, and several specific to Joule's ecosystem, such as jpufETH, jrswETH, and jezETH.

  3. Leveraged Yield Farming: Joule Finance encourages higher returns on yield farming by providing a framework for leveraged farming. This strategy allows users to collateralize their tokens, borrow additional funds, and participate in liquidity pools for enhanced rewards. Supported farms include token pairs and exchanges like Pancake, Thala, and Pontem, enabling users to optimize their yield farming strategies.

  4. Anchors: Liquidity Anchors act as plug-and-play solutions for accessing liquidity, enabling dApps to focus on developing diverse strategies like vaults, leveraged farming, perpetual and margin trading. By developing smart contracts that integrate with Joule, these dApps can tap into its liquidity pool. This allows dApps to primarily concentrate on delivering innovative yield strategies or "Anchors" for their users.

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